Worship at GCC

We are a house unashamed in our love and desire to worship Jesus and to be in His presence. There is no one like Him, so we turn our eyes to Him and usher in the King of Glory every time we gather together. Our posture as a worship community is to proclaim the majesty and victory of Jesus Christ. This is the atmosphere of heaven! And our prayer is, "On earth as it is in heaven." We will lead people in songs of joy, in praise for our King, and in the abundant freedom that He gives us. When you encounter Jesus, when you feel the power and love of the Holy Spirit, when you connect with the heart of the Father, His goodness will empower and encourage you, embrace and undo you. And we will risk it all for more of Him. We can't wait to have you join us at GCC.

For more information on joining our worship team, Please contact Trevor or Megan Parker

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