GCC Crews


Building Kingdom Community

Here at Greater Chicago Church, we are passionate about community. We believe we are stronger as one, encouraging one another to run after our glorious destinies. Whether you are looking for people to call family and do life with or you are wanting to hit the streets doing the stuff or grow in your revelation of the Father’s love, all of our life groups will align with our vision to:

•         Spark the fires of revival in Chicagoland

•         Demonstrate signs wonders and miracles

•         Make the Fathers love known

•         Model the Spirit of Adoption through sonship and covenantal relationships

Your destiny lies within your people!

Co-ed Crew

Leader: Chris Everett    
We Meet... 1st Sunday of the month after church, 3rd Monday @ Chris' office (contact for location)

We are a group seeking signs, wonders and miracles. We want the supernatural manifestation of all that God has established for us.


Women's Crew

Leader: Wanda Barsano
We meet.....  North Side of Chicago in Wanda's home

A women's small group that meets once a month on Wednesdays (6pm) in Wanda's home on the north side of Chicago. We are a small group of women.  Their goal is to model the spirit of adoption through sonship and covenantal relationships.  


Women's Crew

Leaders: Judy M. & Jane C.
Address:  1021 S Highland Ave, Oak Park

A women's small group that meets on the 2nd & 4th Tuesdays at 7pm. The purpose of this group is to grow in relationship with God through worship and listening to Holy Spirit as well as in the Christian walk.


20's & 30's Co-ed Crew

Leader: Kara Jo Bryant
We meet.... in Lincoln Park on the 1st & 3rd Tuesdays in Kara Jo's home

'When I think of the times in my life in which I have felt the most alive, the most “me”, I immediately think of the times in which I have been living in intentional community. I associate those times with deep conversations, laughter, hard questions, good food, and good wine. I associate those times with both making big plans and hitting the town, and staying in and mapping out our wildest dreams. I associate those times with worship, creating, praying, prophesying, and making space for those around me. I envision all of these things and more for this crew. My hope is that we will find that community in one another and that we will be that community to one another, too. And maybe you’ll find that you’re more “you”with us, too.'  -Kara


100% Real Cheese Crew

Leader: Nancy Wai

We meet at...  3 Greens Market (River North, near Merchandise Mart | 354 W Hubbard St, Chicago)

100% Real Cheese is a stand for authenticity (and my unashamed love for Cheez-its) by bringing back Show and Tell. Come ready to share and learn from each other what makes you laugh, cry, and geek out - whatever your heart's desire because when it's your turn, you get to decide. Together, let's discover what makes us alike and celebrate what makes us unique, whether good, bad, or oh so cheesy.  My promise is that you'll leave feeling seen, heard, and known.



Games Crew

Leaders: Jon & Erin Nowicki

We meet at...  Ryan's Public House (8942 Ogden Ave. Brookfield, IL  60513)

Gathering around doing life, hanging out and playing games. Open to all. Meets on Thursdays.


Entrepreneur's Crew

Leader: Nate Forse

We meet at...  1250 N LaSalle St. #1610

Whether you have a business, or are thinking of starting one, we are a group of like minded entrepreneurs that get together and support each other on our journeys, keeping a kingdom perspective. Meets 1st and 3rd Saturday at 3pm.


Songwriter's Crew

Leaders: Tobin & Vanessa Bawinkel

We meet in.... Brookfield at Tobin & Vanessa's home

Open to any and all songwriters to be equipped and be a part of a community of fellow songwriters.

Meets once a month on the 1st Monday.


Co-ed Group

Leader: Lyntina Lampley

We meet in.... Oak Park at Lyntina's home

Our goal is to be empowered by the Word, and encouraged by each other to walk in purpose and power.  

We meet on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays from 7pm - 8:30 pm.


Co-ed Crew

Leaders: Mason & Kaytlin Bush

We meet in.... Oak Park at Mason & Kaytlin's home

We want to be inclusive to all people groups with various life situations, with the intention of doing community and doing it well. So married, single, old, or young, we want everyone to have a chance to come together. We believe that if we can be intentional on the foundational aspects of our Lord, such as the Word and Prayer, we will find ourselves organically in good relationship and solid rest.

We meet on the 1st & 3rd Wednesdays, 6.30p - 8.30p. 


Co-ed Crew

Leaders: Jonathan & Grace Spencer

We meet in.... Winfield (West Suburbs) in Jonathan & Grace's home

Relaxing. Worship. Eating. Chatting.

We meet on the 1st & 3rd Wednesdays, 7.00p - 8.30p. 

Treasure Crew

Leader: Shawna House

We meet in.... Chicago (Southside) in Shawna's home

Treasure is a co-ed group all about finding your treasure and sharing it with others. Each of us is gifted with a unique, personal treasure nesting within.  Our ability to access and share that is affected by how we see ourselves and communicate that vision to others. Explore what you carry and how to use appearances to impact your life and others with God’s vision

We meet on the 1st & 3rd Fridays.

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Men's Crew

Leader: Josh Novatzky

Email for location as it will vary.

Come together with other men to talk about life and faith.

We meet on the 1st & 3rd Monday of every month, 7:30PM.